Submission Number: MBTL-SEPA-DEIS-0000869 

Received: 5/24/2016 3:58:13 PM
Commenter: Julia Cochrane
State: Washington

Agency: Cowlitz County and the Washington Department of Ecology
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview SEPA DEIS
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Submission Text
I am a 63 year old woman with COPD/Emphazema due to breathing polluted air in NY city. The air was polluted with coal smoke, incinerated trash, diesel, and cigarettes. I know what coal does to lungs. Somewhere this coal will be burned and children will suffer directly from the smoke and indirectly from increased climate chaos. On my way to Spokane from the Olympic Peninsula two years ago, we saw a dark cloud of smoke moving towards us, and as we neared an overpass we realized the cloud was coming off a train. Then to coal dust hit the windshield- it sounded like hail. And we were crossing the Spokane River. These trains run along rivers - polluting them with coal dust. There is only so much fresh water for the animals, the fish and us. Let's not pollute it with deadly coal. Finally I need to make a plea for future generations. It is time to act decisively to do all we can to stop the burning of fossil fuels. We need to keep the dinosaur remains in the ground. So far my 29 year old daughter does not have a child, and even though she really wants one, and I think being a grandma would be total fun, I pray that she does not bring a child into such a devastated world. What we do today - will make its mark 40 years from now. And it is all accelerating. Be smart. Be compassionate for our children and their children. Say No. Please!!!