Submission Number: MBTL-SEPA-DEIS-0001506 

Received: 5/31/2016 2:23:57 PM
Commenter: Joyce Burpee

Agency: Cowlitz County and the Washington Department of Ecology
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview SEPA DEIS
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Submission Text
I'm writing in support of Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export terminal in southwest Washington. I recommend you move forward now that the draft environmental study is complete. It will create jobs and economic benefit for a wide region. Cowlitz County has a surplus of industrial sites which impedes the development of the Reynolds Smelter site (due to cost of remediating and redeveloping a brownfield site). Millennium is taking on the redevelopment and can turn around a dilapidated, underutilized site. Grant the project its permits! The draft EIS to evaluate Millennium Bulk Terminals proposed Longview project should be kept within reason. This plan will be a positive economic stimulus for local businesses and other retail businesses. Please move forward with the process in a timely manner. It's the fair thing to do. Sincerely, Joyce Burpee 98632