Submission Number: MBTL-SEPA-DEIS-0002051 

Received: 6/6/2016 9:50:40 PM
Commenter: Doug Cooper
State: Wyoming

Agency: Cowlitz County and the Washington Department of Ecology
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview SEPA DEIS
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Submission Text
Coal is an entirely natura! product that has been transported safely across the globe for centuries. There is no reason other than politics to oppose the coal port. Burning coal simply returns CO2 that was once in the earth's atmosphere back to today's atmosphere. This carbon cycle is necessary for all life on the planet. CO2 is also necessary for photosynthesis and is the basis for all human food production. The coal mined in Wyoming provides a large share of Wyoming's tax base. Coal taxes built over 500 new schools in the state in just the past few years. Interfering with interstate commerce and international free trade is not what the United States Constitution requires of the federal government.