Submission Number: MBTL-SEPA-DEIS-0003165 

Received: 6/13/2016 6:14:26 PM
Commenter: Judy Boucias
State: Idaho

Agency: Cowlitz County and the Washington Department of Ecology
Initiative: Millennium Bulk-Terminals Longview SEPA DEIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
I live in what the Draft EIS terms "a key potential chokepoint," that is, Sandpoint, Idaho. I strongly oppose the repurposing of the existing facility in Longview, WA, for several reasons, and I appreciate being able to express them. Our area already is inundated with trains; I am seeing and hearing one now as I write. Eight more full and eight empty trains each day through our area will make life unbearable. Already we are awakened multiple times every night and every early morning by trains. Being disturbed 16 times more each day, roughly every 1.5 hours, by wayside noise and especially by horn noise, will be deleterious to our health and well-being. During warm weather, the situation is worse. We don't have air conditioning but cannot sleep with open windows, because they allow even more train noise into our home, making sleep impossible, even with earplugs. In addition, more trains mean more waiting during the day at intersections, something we already often do, and it can be frustrating, especially when trains stop. Result: Our lives, already affected at all hours of the day and night, will be further diminished if this facility is built. Another consideration is that with more road blockage, emergency vehicles will be delayed even more than they already are. Injured and sick people may die or experience less favorable results due to delays in treatment/hospitalization, a huge concern, as the county hospital is located in our town. Finally, the problems I have just enumerated reduce property values for all residents in our area, an economic and budgetary game-changer for any family and for any community. Realize that not only Longview, WA, is affected by the construction and running of this facility--every community on both routes to it will be harmed. The solution? Do not approve the building of this terminal. If it is approved, however, take two actions: first, noting that the EIS document says that "routing decisions are dynamic," reroute trains to lessen disturbances to communities to the greatest extent possible. Second, dedicate funds to build overpasses or underpasses along the train routes so that residents who live in their vicinity do not have to sacrifice the larger part of their quality of life, health, and investments in their homes so that this terminal can exist. More could be said. I ask you to seriously, mindfully consider these valid and compelling reasons for not building the Longview terminal.